Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day!! The "green" movement has definitely became more and more mainstream over the last few years and I am slowly trying to jump on this bandwagon! I do try to be green, but I have a long ways to go! Here are some ways to be green:

1. Recycling
Several months ago I decided that Nick and I need to start recycling. Unfortunately Red Rock Rubbish does not offer recycling pick up in Oskaloosa, so I have to take it to the containers somewhere around town. We don't have a garage to put recycling bins in so I had to find something that would look extremely tacky in our house. I decided on a three bin laundry sorter and it has worked quite well. If only I would empty it more often!

2. Re-useable Shopping Bags
I have a few of these and try to remember to take them to the store with me, unfortunately, I usually forget these. If you sneak a peak under my kitchen sink and see the mounds of plastic bags you will see how often I forget these!

3. Gardening
Last year my dad and I built a raised garden bed and he was kind enough to bring his dump truck up with the perfect mixture of good black dirt mixed with a little cow manure. (Thank goodness for farmers!) It had to be the perfect mixture because you should have seen the size of my tomatoes last year!!! I think I could have won an award or something! Not only were they huge plants, but they produced tons of tomatoes! I can't wait for more fresh veggies! I plan on doing a post about my garden soon!

4. Bicycling
All last summer I told myself that I should really start riding my bike to work and guess what? I never did! Well, that will change this year, I WILL ride my bike to work at least a couple days a week! It is not that far from my house so there is really no reason not to. (And I don't particularly care if my hair is messy!) I drive a gas-guzzling F-150 so every little bit helps! I can also ride my bike to do easy errands like the library and the bank!

5. Buying Local
This is challenging in a small town, but can be done. Oskaloosa has farmers markets twice a week in the summer and fall. I have to be honest, I haven't been yet, but plan to go this summer.

Those are the first few that come to mind. If I think of anymore great ones I will let you know! If you think of any, you do the same!

So close to Friday!!!!!!!!

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