Thursday, July 8, 2010

Things I Like Thursday

I feel like I just blinked my eyes and Thursday is here again! I was going to get on here tonight and tell you that I have just been too busy doing important things to look at blogs and get ideas for this week's "Things I like Thursday" post, but that would be a lie. I want to keep it real around here, so I must come clean with all of you. I have been busy doing important things like mowing, laundry, dishes, crafts, and planning my freezer cooking, but I have also been doing something else. Something not important or useful at all. It is addicting though, let me tell you!

This is the reason I have not been finding all sorts of amazing projects out here in blogland:

This little beauty is my brand-spankin new Xbox 360 that we bought on Sunday! Isn't it pretty??!!

You want to know what makes this little addiction of mine even worse?? I'm not playing some girly cooking game or anything like that. Nope I'm playing this.

That's right, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is my new favorite pastime.

Those of you that have known me for year's are probably quite surprised by this new found love affair with video games. I never played video games when I was young! As a matter of fact, I would have told you 3 months ago that I hated this game! But then Nick taught me how to play. Suffice to say it was all down hill from there. The real problem is that this is only a one player game, so the two of us can't play the actual game together (unless we just play each other, which wouldn't be any fun). So we had to go buy a second Xbox, a second game, and pay for a second Xbox Live subscription just so I could play this game with him. Now I sit upstairs and he sits downstairs and we play, and talk on our headsets. How romantic are we?? I should tell you though, that we do not spend hours upon hours doing this, so don't worry that we have real issues. Just when we have free time!

The really great thing about this is that we can stream movies thru the Xbox, so now we have tons of movies right at our fingertips.

I apologize to those of you that came to my blog looking for some inspiration and all you hear about is my obsession with my new toy! I will be back next week with the normal "Things I Like Thursday" (if I can pry myself away from Call of Duty for that long:)

See you tomorrow for Food Friday!

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  1. Girl!! You make me laugh!! It is Things I like Thursday! You like the XBOX and the Xbox Games!!!!
    Sounds fun!!