Monday, May 17, 2010

I Think I'm In Love

With the lamp that I jazzed up yesterday! I was so close to blogging about it last night, but held back to post it today!

I found this lamp at Goodwill. It was only $8.99! It actually had a different shade on it, but it was one of those pleated ones and I didn't think it would work as well to cover with fabric. They had just a plain shade for $1.99 so I bought it to switch them out.

I really like the design of the base, but not so much the gold. My wonderful hubby gave me some friendly suggestions of how he thought I should work on this, and I think his advice was very helpful! We decided that it really needed to be sanded first to help the paint adhere well to the metal. I found a package of steel wool at Wal-Mart that worked perfectly! It came in a package with 3 different grades of wool and I used the medium one to scuff it up to begin with. Then I covered it with 2 coats of black primer and painted it with 2 coats of black satin spray paint.

Someday I will learn to take pictures of the process, but I didn't this time, so you will have to live with an explanation! The shade was much easier than I expected it to be. I bought 1 1/2 yards of fabric at Jo Ann's on Saturday. To cover it, I started at the bottom of the shade and the seam that was already in the shade and wrapped it around. We thought it would be best to use some glue all over the shade to make sure the fabric was tight. I had picked up some fabric glue to use for the shade and it worked perfect. I just poured some on the shade and then brushed it all over. You really want a thin coat because it will seep through the fabric if it is too heavy. Once it dried, I cut all of the excess off, made a pretty seam at the end and wrapped it over the top and the bottom.

I am seriously in love with this lamp and I hope you like it too!!

And a close up of the fantastic fabric!

How awesome is that?! This project was sooooo easy. In fact, I am wondering if you can have too many lamps in one house because I really want to make one for every room in our house!! If any of you would like more info or have questions on how I did it let me know, I would love to help!


  1. I love it! Good job! ~Maggie

  2. I think you should keep doing this and sell them b/c both of your lamps are so stinkin cute!
    -Jenni Keith