Thursday, June 3, 2010

Things I Like Thursday

This is going to be a new weekly post (wish me luck!) to show you some fun things I like that I have found on other blogs. It is partly for you to see some cool projects, but really more for me to have a place to save some of the many neat things that I see and think that I would like to replicate someday. I have found so many awesome things that people have created and tried to keep track of the ones I like, but that hasn't worked well, so maybe this will. There will be a wide variety of things on here from outside decor to inside decor and from gift ideas to recipes.

First up is a Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub that I found at Under the Table and Dreaming. I love hand scrubs and this one would be so easy and cheap to make. It could also make a nice little gift for someone! She has a really awesome blog, so I am sure you will see more projects coming from there.

A Painted American Wooden Flag also at Under the Table and Dreaming. I would love to make this soon so I could hang it for the 4th of July!

One more from her site then I promise I'm done. How awesome is this Hanging Coffee Cup Herb Garden?! I totally want to make this!

These Pizza Scones at Sumo's Sweet Stuff look so yummy! I need to try them soon!

Here is some cheap wall art over at The Adventures of One Crazy Lady. This looks super easy and it's a great way to cover up a decent size space.

This is a someday project. Like someday when I actually have a porch that I would want to put a porch swing on. Someday when said porch looks over a big beautiful back yard or a field or some cows instead of my pot-smoking neighbors rundown fence and their backyard that smells of dog poop. I love these Patio Pillows that I found at A Girl and A Gluegun!

I am completely in love with this Tiered Terracotta Planter at Positively Splendid! I think it is beautiful!!

And finally a beautiful Calla Lily Wreath also from Positively Splendid!

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  1. Love the blog ideas!! I think I may have to try the herb planter! Awesome!