Thursday, November 4, 2010

Things I Like Thursday

I think I always say this, but this time I mean it, I can't believe it is Thursday! Or that it is November already? Where on earth did it come from?! It just seems like we got rid of the snow (and tax season) and here we are zeroing in on it again!

Work has been crazy busy this week, so maybe that is why it went so fast! I did sneak out at 3 yesterday to spent some quality time with my hubby! We headed to Ottumwa to look for a humidifier for our house, it has gotten dry really fast. Those things are hard to find! The only ones Wal-Mart carries are small crappy ones. Trust me, we have already tried two of them. They are pretty much disposable in our house. Of course we had to visit Target and the "mall" as well! Any of you that are familiar with Ottumwa know why "mall" is in quotes! I decided to take the evening off from the gym and we rented a movie instead, Toy Story 3! It was very cute, of course! Now here we are at Thursday and work is very quiet today as almost everyone is out at different classes! Just how I like it!

Man, I have some fantastic finds from around blogland to share with you guys today! Tons of inspiration. I know I have said it for the last two months or so, but I really do have a few things to share with you besides my Thursday and Friday posts and one of these days I hope to get to them. Any of you that do have a blog understand how time consuming it really is! For now though, you will just have to live with looking at things that I dream about making!

I love these old table leg candle holders from Full of Great Ideas!

I really want to try making some stenciled curtains like these that I found at First Home Makeover!

Someday I will find the perfect piece of furniture to refinish. I love this bench redo from A {Blondes} DIY Life (love the name too!)

Check out these festive Thanksgiving Candle Holders from All Thingz Related! Love them!

Here is another great idea for Painted Drapes from The Hand Me Down House via Remodelaholic!

Super cute Pottery Barn knock-off pillows from The Scrap Shoppe!

I can't wait to try to make this pleated purse. The pattern comes from My Spare Time and this is The Pickled Herring's version of it!

I hope you enjoy these projects! If you find inspiration from one of the projects that I have linked to and made it yourself, I would love for you to share!

Have a great day!

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